Great Gift Baskets
  Gift baskets for Christmas or any other special occasion can be readily assembled by Andrews Scenic Acres and Scotch Block Winery staff to meet the expected joy of both the person giving and the recipient. Prices range from as low as $19.99 to whatever your budget allows. Each basket is personally crafted to your specifications with wine or without wine if you prefer. A wide array of basic and unique gift items are available to compliment any gift basket theme. We can also include customized enclosures.
A selection of Scotch Block Favourites
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Holiday Stencil
This charming re-usable Holiday stencil basket as shown retails for $63.00 plus gst. It is packed with our Red Currant ice style dessert wine, (aptly named Red Velvet), a hand crafted pottery tea-lite holder, 6 tea-lite candles, 3 jars of jam, peanut brittle and holiday napkins.

Regal Red
Here are some sample baskets that have the list of products inside them:
This basket contains:
Regal Red Currant table wine
Patterned napkins
2 Bottles of jam or jelly
Jam spreader
Red Currant Jelly
Various candies and chocolate
Completely packaged for $ 48.00 plus gst.

Country Treats
Here is a great example of a non-wine basket. It contains chili sauce, red pepper jelly, apple butter, crackers, jam spreader, napkins, candies and chocolates. This lovely little basket starts at $36.00 plus gst.

Black Currant Combo
One of our most popular baskets, this is the Black Currant wine combo basket. It contains both of our best of show winners Regal Black Currant table wine and Cassis Black Currant dessert wine, wine pump, votive candles, top of the line corkscrew, napkins, extra bottle closures, candies and chocolates. Excellent value here priced at $76.00 plus gst

Winter White
Halton White table wine, Honey, 3 jars of jam or jelly, candles, napkins, shortbread cookies, various candies and chocolates all fill this beautiful basket completely done for $54.00 plus gst.

This is one of the larger style baskets. It one again holds our double award winning wines, Regal Black Currant table wine and Cassis Black Currant dessert wine. This basket also contains a bottle of vinagrette, fudge, hot chocolate packages, double dutch wafers, 2 jars of jam, napkins, apple spice tea, shortbread cookies, candies and chocolate. This basket has it all! Prices will vary by what you have enclosed in your basket. An impressive gift for $90.00 plus gst.

Sweet Treats
This is another non-wine basket filled with lots of goodies priced at $39.00 plus gst. Ice wine tea 4 jars of jam, honey, shortbread cookies, a bottle of each of our black currant and raspberry juice. Various other sundries can be added to personalize this basket to fit any budget.

 Gift baskets are personally made to order and may contain any of the following; wine, sparkling cider, jams, jellies, condiments, honey, maple syrup, salad dressings, beans and teas to name just a few.

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