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Scotch Block Winery Regal Black Currant Wine
Ahhh, now here's a real wine of pure fruity pleasure and fine definition - and it isn't even a grape wine! Scotch Block's non vintage Regal Black currant is the best black currant table wine that I have ever tasted.

Other wineries in Ontario have made black currant dessert wines (and Scotch Block does too), but in the category of table wines, this is without doubt the most consistently excellent black currant wine that I have ever had. There is more black currant character in this wine than in many Cab Sauvignons - a wine that's so well regarded for its "cassis" aroma when grown in a suitable climate.

Scotch Block's Regal Black currant has 12% alc. and is a beautiful, dense garnet ruby colour. The nose is pure, unmistakable, honest, pin-point black currant - just beautiful. This is a fruit wine with soul and character. The bouquet is deeply vinous and shows ethereal black currants, cassis liquor, cedar and underbrush - very complex. Tart, flavourful and quite dry (if not fully dry) on the entry; very balanced and inviting. This is a true food wine, which makes me like it all the more since so many fruit wines are made off dry and I can't stand off dry table wines. Crisp and cleansing, with fantastic, zingy, yet perfectly healthy and balanced acidity. Dry and tart on the finish, with a long, pure black currant replay and plenty of persistence. The finish is clean and very long.

The good people at Scotch Block Winery are making what I believe is a true benchmark black currant wine. As devoted as I am to grape wines, this is quite frankly a better wine than many Cab Sauvignons that I've had over the years.

Scotch Block Winery Halton White
This is a first for the Region of Halton, grown right here in Halton Hills. This wine is the first commercially produced grape wine from French Hybrid grapes, grown at the Toccalino vineyard, situated on the sunny slop of the beautiful Niagara Escarpment in Halton Hills. An excellent easy-to-like, high quality, food friendly white wine that is a testimony to the success of growing grapes outside of Ontario's traditional viticultural areas.

Halton White is a blend of Auxerr, Seyval Blanc, Vidal and Cayuga White, grape varieties. It has a very clear, pale straw colour with a light green glint accompanied by a mild lemon-skin aroma with hints of pineapple and green-mango. A fleeting hint of grape jelly is also present. Full textured with crisp acidity, balancing residual sweetness ('1' on the sugar scale) and warmth. 

Scotch Block Winery Strawberry Fields (non vintage strawberry wine)
Very pretty, clear light ruby colour with a brassy glint and a slightly viscous appearance. A bit of carbonation clings to the bottom of the glass. Wonderful, aromatic nose of freshly picked ripe strawberries pure strawberry essence. Nice tartness is balanced by some sweetness, though just enough to give body; the wine is lively on the palate and works well with food. The slight astringency on the mid palate also adds to the food friendliness of the wine. I enjoyed this one quite a bit.

Paul Bulas
Loyal Customer

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